About 80 percent of the people shop online. And the number of purchases is increasing every day. Needless to explain that e-tail is an important market

For exactly that reason, Vespo’s marketers always keep up to date with the latest trends. We know exactly what platforms consumers are on, what their demands are and how we can seduce them. And we cleverly use this information to respond to trends.

Our ordering systems are easy to use, delivery times are fast and products are in stock – always. Either for tens of items or hundreds of thousands of them. If you want us to, we can even take over the entire supply chain. You are also assured of excellent quality – for our own labels such as Walra and Byrklund, or for private labels and licences.

Our great brands or private labels on your platform? Or are you just curious about e-tail options? Please contact sales@vespo.nl. We are happy to tell you more.

Private label

A duvet cover in your own design? Or towels with your logo to sell in your webshop?

Vespo is the place to go for bed, bath and kitchen textiles developed especially for you, so fully customised. From design to end product. We will take care of everything if you want us to. Our in-house designers will provide an exciting design, which is guaranteed to be successful. The next step is manufacturing your product: sustainably and of excellent quality. And speaking of the supply chain: if you wish, we can take over the entire logistics process.

Have your own private label developed by Vespo? Please contact verkoop@vespo.nl.


Do you have a Vespo product in your house?

Chances are you do, because home textiles or workwear made by Vespo can be found in almost every household in the Netherlands. Partly because of our great own brands.


Falling asleep under a Fortnite duvet, sunbathing on a LOL beach towel or daydreaming on a Fairy Tale Forest pillow case.

Vespo literally brings beloved animations into the home, allowing the consumer to feel connected to these fantasy worlds day and night.

Do you own a licence that you would like to discuss with Vespo? Please contact us at sales@Vespo.nl. Let’s explore the options together.

Interested in our beautiful textile products? Please contact us, we are happy to help you.

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