Fibres are the basic materials for textiles. They give them shape, determine their strength and quality. Textiles are the passion deeply embedded in the fibres that form Vespo. And that passion is felt company-wide. It is the strong foundation we have been built on. We are textiles.

Quality fabrics

Every customer deserves the best product. That is why we guarantee that all our products are of excellent quality. And we deliver on our promises. We truly do!

Taking over the entire supply chain

Products always in stock and quickly delivered to the customer? If desired, Vespo can take over the entire logistics process for you. We will keep track of the stock, switch quickly and ensure that – after a concise ordering process – products are delivered to the right address fast.

Never out of stock

We serve as your buffer. Our stocks are huge, we can supply large quantities and have substantial financial strength. This way continuity is ensured. It goes without saying we will also discuss how to deal with overstock.

Excellent market knowledge

Our marketers know what moves and seduces consumers today. How? Vespo is active in many market segments, which keeps us up to date. We understand what the customer wants and it goes without saying we will proactively provide input on these matters.

Exciting designs

Stylish, exciting designs. Either matching your corporate identity or something completely different for a change. Our talented in-house designers create the most beautiful and best fitting designs. We listen carefully to the customer’s demands and respond to new trends.

Local purchasing offices

The main link between Vespo and the manufacturer? Local purchasing offices. We have short lines of communication with purchasing offices in such production countries as Pakistan, India, Turkey, Egypt, Portugal, Bangladesh and China.

Interested in our beautiful textile products? Please contact us, we are happy to help you.

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