Our story

The Vespo values

What we stand for is best summed up in our five family values, which are woven into the fabric of our company’s culture: the Vespo values.

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Fibres are the basic materials for textiles

They give them shape, determine their strength and quality. Textiles are the passion deeply embedded in the fibres that form Vespo. And that passion is felt company-wide. It is the strong foundation we have been built on. We are textiles.

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The first store: de Textielbeurs

Sixty years ago, on 15 February 1960 to be exact, Joop Veelenturf and his wife Tillie opened their very first store: de Textielbeurs. What started out as a shop with a back room that served as a warehouse quickly grew into a business that felt like a close-knit family.

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International network

Cotton is our most widely used raw material, and it is grown all over the world

That is why Vespo is represented in all major textile countries such as Pakistan, India, Turkey, Portugal, Bangladesh and China. We feel quite at home with our suppliers, factories and processors.

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Interested in our beautiful textile products? Please contact us, we are happy to help you.

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