The Vespo values

What we stand for is best summed up in our five family values, which are woven into the fabric of our company’s culture: the Vespo values.

1. Transparency in collaborations

We keep our agreements. Period! Because trust is what we, as a family-owned business value most. That is why we conduct business fairly and switch quickly – even if it means that management has to help packing orders. We believe that this is the foundation of a good relationship.

2. Sincere attention

Hospitality is in our blood, it is in every fibre of our company. We pay personal attention to everyone who visits us, and we think it is important that you feel at ease. Feel welcome to come and experience this for yourself.

3. Passion for textiles

We are textiles. Textiles are at the core of our DNA. That is what it has been all about since we started in 1960. And that enormous passion for fabrics always remains. We know everything there is to know about textiles. That is why we set the tone in the market with our specialist knowledge.

4. Proactive input

We are close to our customer base. By really listening and providing input, we understand exactly what you require and respond to the actual demand. Whether it concerns taking over the entire supply chain, or a new towel design.

5. Living responsibly and consciously

The needs of people and the environment are close to our hearts, which is why our products are made fairly. We know this because we are at home in the production environment. And innovative developments such as sustainable textile fibres? Here, too, we are leading the way.

Interested in our beautiful textile products? Please contact us, we are happy to help you.

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