Our responsibility

Vespo conducts business with respect to the environment and society

We are committed to improving working conditions and to treating the earth responsibly. To this end, we collaborate with key partners with whom we focus on achieving sustainable development objectives. Because we not only feel responsible for our own people, but also for the ones working in the factories. 

Visiting factories

We regularly visit the factories where our fabrics are produced

We find it important to see for ourselves how our products are made and under which circumstances. This is the only way for us to guarantee a fairly produced product.

Amfori membership

Vespo is a member of the Amfori network

A global business association that creates open and sustainable trade for retailers, importers, brands and associations from forty countries. The goal? Increase human prosperity, to use natural resources responsibly and to conduct open trade globally. As an active Amfori member, Vespo wants to contribute to bringing about a large-scale positive change.

Sustainable products

Sustainable fibres or recycled cotton?

Vespo is leading in sustainable production.
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