Workwear is much more than functional clothing alone

It has to fit well, be of excellent quality, comfortable to wear and it has to meet all work requirements to boot. And, obviously, has to look the business because everyone works better in great workwear. Vespo combines all these conditions in a range of collections.

Custom Choice

Would you like to have your workwear custom-made, but don’t you have any idea where to start?

No problem. Vespo is happy to help. We will look into your wishes and ensure the products are fit for purpose. Your wishes are translated into a Custom Choice product, or even and entire collection. With our specialist knowledge of textiles, markets and designs, the end product is guaranteed to be a success.

Consider having Vespo produce quality workwear? You can for orders of 250 items or more. Contact us now at


Workwear for construction workers, waitresses or shelf stackers in the supermarket

Santino has been manufacturing workwear for real people since 1990. Real people who work hard, in clothes they proudly wear. Santino has an extensive range and a dependable collection of basics, which is continuously updated with current trends. More Santino? Check


Do you have a Vespo product in your house?

Chances are you do, because home textiles or workwear made by Vespo can be found in almost every household in the Netherlands. Partly because of our great brands.

Interested in our beautiful textile products? Please contact us, we are happy to help you.

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