We are textiles

Welcome to Vespo

It could be the hand towel in the bathroom, the tea towel in the kitchen or the duvet cover on the bed. But also your favourite work shirt or jacket. There’s a pretty good chance that every household in the Netherlands has a product from Vespo.

Vespo is based in Eindhoven and is a textiles expert that is active in two markets: home textiles and workwear.

Under the brands Walra and Byrklund, Vespo sells bed linen, bath towels and kitchen textiles to the most diverse companies in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Vespo is a major player when it comes to developing private labels for various well-known retail chains and holds a range of licences and is involved in various cooperative partnerships.

Vespo sells its workwear under the Santino brand. From the standard collection to entirely custom made; the options are endless.

In short, for textiles at home and at work – go to Vespo.

We are textiles

Fibres form the framework for textiles. They create shape and determine strength and quality. Textiles are a passion that is deeply entwined in the DNA of the family business, Vespo. This passion, combined with an international network of suppliers, 50 years of expertise and talented in-house designers, means that a solution can be found for everyone. Our aim is simple: every customer deserves the very best products with a competitive price/quality ratio and rapid delivery. With a focus on people and the environment: today and in the future.

We bieden graag vertrouwen
We kijken altijd verder vooruit
We leven bewust en verantwoord
We weten waar we over praten
We gaan voor persoonlijke relaties


Vespo is a family business. We are deeply committed and loyal to our customers. The guiding principle in everything we do is based on family values, which are interwoven into the organisation: Vespo’s five pledges.

  1. You can count on us

Fulfilling agreements is a golden rule. Vespo works transparently and everyone receives a fair offer. Vespo does its utmost to deliver in line with agreements.

  1. We always look to the future

Vespo can adapt quickly and is close to its customers. By listening carefully and reading between the lines, Vespo can be proactive and anticipate the customer’s genuine needs.

  1. We are conscious and responsible

Responsibility with regard to our environment is a major factor for us. Vespo takes its responsibilities seriously as an employer, in terms of social aspects and with respect to the world around us.

  1. We know what we’re talking about

Vespo specialises in home textiles and workwear for various customers. This ensures that Vespo has the relevant expertise regarding developments in the market. Vespo uses this experience and knowledge to support its customers.

  1. We like to forge personal relationships

People do business with people. On the basis of these relationships, Vespo helps its customers to achieve their goals. A good relationship makes collaboration more pleasant and this, in turn, is mutually beneficial. Success can only be achieved if everyone works together with enthusiasm and sincerity. That is our family ethic and it is what our customers experience and value.

Our expertise

Of course, expertise in textiles is extremely important. However, we are also highly experienced in terms of consumer requirements and product design and, are therefore able to provide our customers with an optimum service.

Home Textiles

Within home textiles, Vespo supplies products for the bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. This includes duvet covers, hand towels and tea towels, as well as bathrobes and hammam towels.

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Workwear is a different business altogether. It involves much more than just functional clothing. Items need to fit properly, feel comfortable and be suitable for the work being performed. Above all: everyone works better in quality workwear. Vespo brings all of these conditions together in a range of collections.

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Licences allow people to feel connected to the various concepts they see on TV and online. As a result of entering into cooperative partnerships and using licences, Vespo quite literally brings these well-known animations into your home.

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Rewarding customers so that they return (more often) and hopefully spend more is the key to a successful loyalty scheme. Together with retailers, we regularly formulate and rollout loyalty schemes.

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Working at Vespo

Vespo employs around 90 people. From Purchasing to Sales, from Marketing to Design and from Planning to Logistics: together, we aim to create happy customers. Every single day.

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A story since 1960

On 15 February 1960, Joop Veelenturf opened his first store under the name ‘De Textielbeurs’. What started out as a store with a back room, which was used for stock, grew in just a few years to become a business that felt like an extended family. An important breakthrough in the expansion of ‘De textielbeurs’ was when Joop obtained the contract to supply bath towels for AVRO Televizier. Soon afterwards, ‘De textielbeurs’ was replaced by the company name ‘Vespolino’ which was more suitable for the developing company.

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Our brands

The Vespo company has many brands; both in home textiles and workwear.