International network

International network

The raw material most used by Vespo is cotton. The cotton market is an international market, with suppliers and manufacturers or processors across the globe. Vespo is therefore personally represented in all of the important textile countries, close to the source.

Local purchasing offices

For many years, Vespo has been represented by local purchasing offices in the most significant markets: Pakistan, India, Turkey, Egypt, Portugal, Bangladesh, and China.

They are responsible for maintaining daily contacts and carrying out the continuous inspections and checks on materials used, dimensions, colours and the weights of the products. Quality is monitored with the utmost care.

Vespo visits its production countries on a very regular basis. Vespo also continuously looks out for worldwide improvements and potential product locations or countries.

This huge network enables us to continue to serve as an effective link between production and customers. Alongside our expertise, we also have the advantage of scale when purchasing and realise better prices as a result.

Environment and social policy

Vespo supports the international goal for Social and Environmentally responsible business practices. Via its Amfori membership, Vespo works with its suppliers and their secondary suppliers to improve working conditions according to the Amfori-BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) code of conduct.

For a collective approach to protecting the environment, Amfori has drafted the BEPI (Business Environmental Performance Initiative) code of conduct.

This principally focuses on energy consumption, water usage, water pollution, air pollution, soil exhaustion and waste. Vespo endorses these goals by completing the Amfori BEPI self-assessment for all of its products and, in turn, implementing improvements according to BEPI guidelines.

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