Our history

Our history

On 15 February 1960, Joop Veelenturf opened his first store under the name ‘De Textielbeurs’. What started out as a store with a back room, which was used for stock, grew in just a few years to become a business that felt like an extended family. An important breakthrough in the expansion of ‘De textielbeurs’ was when Joop obtained the contract to supply bath towels for AVRO Televizier. Soon afterwards, ‘De textielbeurs’ was replaced by the company name ‘Vespolino’ which was more suitable for the developing company.

As a result of a strong focus on the combination of sales and purchasing, over time Vespolino developed into one of the most important suppliers of home textiles. In 1970, Vespolino was already taking trade trips to the Middle and Far East, paving the way for an international enterprise. In 1991, Vespolino relocated to its current premises at Eindhoven Airport. The expertise in textiles was further expanded at the start of the 90s via the addition of specialised company clothing brand Santino. In 2009, the name changed again to the current company name: Vespo.

In 1997, current director Ed, Joop’s son, started work at Vespo. For quite some time, Joop and Ed ran the business together. The death of Joop in 2017 had a huge impact across the organisation. Luckily, the family culture continues to be an important cornerstone within Vespo’s current activities. All of the 90 employees at Vespo share one thing: they are passionate about textiles. As a result, they form the ‘fibre’ of the company.

Joop’s genes

In memory of Joop, we believe that honest and personalised business practices are the most sustainable approach. Moreover, it is the only way of doing business that reflects our character. We form a consistent link between a huge range of suppliers and even more customers right across the globe. We take their worries off their hands, fulfil our agreements and realise projects for them; that’s what it’s all about. We stand for quality, safety and social responsibility.