Our expertise

A Vespo, we are engaged in the business of textiles every single day. Our aim is simple: every customer deserves the very best products with a competitive price/quality and rapid delivery. With a focus on people and the environment; today and in the future.

Of course, expertise in textiles is extremely important. However, we are also highly experienced in terms of consumer requirements and product design and are therefore able to provide our customers with an optimum service.

Textile network

Vespo has many years of experience in the textile trade and an extensive network of suppliers. We are therefore able to keep pace with new developments within the world of textiles. We connect our customers’ requirements with the options offered by our suppliers. And as a result, Vespo is a partner for long-term development and collaboration.

Market knowledge and Design as a specialty

Vespo takes care of the entire process: from design to end product. Our designers continuously monitor the latest trends and listen to our customers’ requirements. We analyse where there are needs and, as a result of our broad availability across the market, we can provide a good overview of market and customer developments. Our designers stay up-to-date via trend days, various reports and training sessions. The combination of this knowledge and insights about market developments ensures that they can create the best designs for an organisation or brand.

Taking Supply Chain concerns off your hands

Vespo supports its customers by monitoring stock so that the products are available to our customers via a short ordering process. We thus form a buffer between the long production times that correspond to the international market and the market’s need for short-term, rapid adaptability.

Local purchasing offices

For many years, Vespo has been represented by local purchasing offices in the most significant markets: Pakistan, India, Turkey, Egypt, Portugal, Bangladesh and China. They are the most important link between Vespo and the manufacturer.